Monday, 29 April 2013

Face Of Australia in Boogie Wonderland

I've been really good lately and have only been buying about two bottles of polish in average for the last three months or so. Yesterday, when having my lunch break at work and realising I still had 10 minutes left over, I wandered off to Kmart to see if they had anything on clearance. I didn't find anything spectacular that was reduced but I came across Face Of Australia's new Glitterati collection. At $4.95 a bottle, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to acquire a new polish. There are 8 glitter polishes in this collection, 5 in a clear base and 3 in milky, coloured bases. 

The one that jumped out at me the most was BoogieWonderland, swatched below with three coats and no top coat (I'm still waiting on my Seche Vite!). This polish has pink, orange, blue and purple small hegaxonal glitter, silver holographic hexagonal larger glitter as well as silver holographic, green and blue bar glitters suspended in a milky, very slightly violet base. 

The formula was surprisingly good for a Face Of Australia polish as it dried fast, it's shiny without top coat and it didn't flood my cuticles like others polishes I own from this brand. The glitter has to dabbed on but after three coats, the coverage is pretty good and varied, which also makes it look like it has a lot of depth. I'm quite smitten with this bottle. The only  issue I have with this... Look at the curling from the blue and green bar glitters.

It's not really noticeable in real life but it feels like they're gonna snag on clothes, hair, catch fluff, etc. I'm sure I could have poked them into place when the polish was still wet but I was hoping they would lay flat like the silver bar glitter did. Maybe a THICK top coat could do the trick. 

Anyway, Boogie Wonderland was still a good buy for the price, the unusual mix of glitters and the surprisingly good formula. I would recommend it. Never know, someday there may be a big sale at Kmart and I'll be able to get the rest for really cheap.

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