Tuesday, 16 April 2013

CoverGirl's Midnight Magic

In the last post I showed you guys Cover Girl's Wine Stain, which was absolutely amazing. At the same time, I purchased Midnight Magic by the same brand and of course, I had to show you.

This polish seems to be a gunmetal silver jelly with tiny iridescent flakies and multicoloured glitter. I say it seems because the base can change from a lighter grey to a oil-slick black to almost a mossy green, depending on what light is being reflected. 

Swatches were done with two coats and no topcoat.This formula was great. There were no flooded cuticles, no gloopiness or thickness and it dried quickly and super smooth, which can be unusual for glitters. It was just perfect. Another big tick for the new range of CoverGirl's polishes.

With low flash

With strong flash
I would love to show you what this polish looks like in the sun but as I started writing this, a massive storm popped out of nowhere, taking the sun away with it. Instead, I'll show you the accent I created with striping tape and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Night Flight. Finished the mani by top coating only the ring finger to smooth the black polish out.

So original, right? I still love the way it looks. I hope you guys like it too.

I'll have to update you with bottle photos as it's looking kinda dull without that sun. Watch this space.

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