Sunday, 14 April 2013

CoverGirl's Wine Stain

I have vowed to myself to only buy new polish if I have worked extra hours and the desired bottle has a shade I have nothing close to. Saying that, I still like going into Target and look around at the stands and see what's new. In my last trip, I came across CoverGirl's new range of nail polish which 'Dares to go topless with our new nail polish formula that combines a base coat, high gloss color, and a chip-resistant top coat in one simple step'. I must say their range of colours is not completely unique but there are a lot of pretty shades in the bunch of 45 options.

Since they were half price, $3.47 per bottle to be precise, I decided maybe I should go through the bin the polishes were in and get one or two. I ended up with three. So here's the first of the bunch. I present to you, CoverGirl's Wine Stain. Two coats and no topcoat. 

With a stamp, since this is how I wore it out. 

I don't think any other name could have described it any better. I love the deep colour it holds but that's not where it stops. This polish has an amazing formula that applies like butter and, could you please look at how shiny it is without topcoat? You could almost say it's a jelly but it's highly pigmented, not a lot of light goes through this polish, it just shines!

One other thing this polish promises is that you don't need to use a base coat, which in my case, I use to avoid nail staining since my nails are painted 99.99% of the time. As I was trying to clean up, I noticed this maybe a slight stainer. Ooops! I guess I'll have red bed nails for a while.

 Lastly, it should create a chip-resistant manicure. As I use my hands for manual work, I noticed a tiny little chip on my index finger after a day, but the rest lasted three days before I got bored and had to move on. Not bad either way. I also noticed this polish, even after a day, had a very squishy texture. This meant that there were small dents on the polish that weren't greatly noticeable but dulled the shine a little bit. Not an issue, but I hadn't come across this before, not even with actual jellies.
Overall, Wine Stain is a stunner. After a quick Google search on CoverGirl polishes, I found a lot of lacqueristas telling horror stories of previous polish releases by this brand. I must say I am extremely happy with this polish and would highly recommend it. As previously mentioned, they are ridiculously cheap at Target for $3.47 for 11ml or you can get them 2 for the price of 1 at Priceline. I don't think they've changed the stands to fit these polishes, so you'll find them in bins.

One last thing. I also love the shape of the bottle. It looks a lot like the Chanel bottles and I can tell you I have had a better experience with this.

Bottle shots for comparison.

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