Thursday, 18 April 2013

CoverGirl's Constant Caribbean

Something simple and straight to the point today. I present to you CoverGirl in Constant Caribbean, a bluish teal shimmer. Like the other two CoverGirl polishes, this formula was great, only had to use two thin coats for opacity, shiny without topcoat and it dried quickly; for a person with no patience, that is VERY important. Did I mention I love the colour?

Unfortunately I have an issue with this almost perfect polish. Check out those streaks!!! I tried to avoid them by doing thin coats on all fingers but they still showed up badly. In my index finger, where they are more noticeable I applied a medium coat to see how it would show. Boy, you can see the streaks on that finger! Let's be honest, no one's gonna look that closely and judge us for having streaky shimmer polish but it's still a tad disappointing that I didn't get the perfect mani.

I find this sort of colour always gets a lot of attention and gets a lot of compliments, even from guys. So I'm gonna move on and enjoy this polish. 

Bottle shot for show. I just discovered that, like Chanel bottles, the cap comes off to reveal a more manageable brush. I don't really feel the difference and I like the bottle better with the cap on. That's just me.

Hope you enjoyed my short series of CoverGirl polsihes. Let me know. :)

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