Friday, 6 September 2013

Pastel Stud Wheel by Born Pretty Store

I'd consider myself a fan of Born Pretty Store but I haven't gone past ordering the basic gold studs and glequins from them even though they have a MASSIVE range of nail art supplies and they are so cheap. A month ago, I placed an order for a heap of different rhinestones, a textured polish and colorful studs, all which I believe are recent additions to the website.

Today, I wanna show you the Pastel Stud Wheel, which actually has a much longer name here, that I have fallen in love with. I can be indecisive when it comes to handing over my cash for products, i.e. shopping, and I have to make sure I'm getting the best deal. I was particularly happy with this wheel because it has two shapes in six different colours each for US$7.59. If I was to buy a one colour and one shape I'd have paid  US$2.99 on special (US$4.99 otherwise), but there would be no variety and I wasn't guaranteed to like them. 

I'm loving this idea of doing skittle manicures to show more colors and it almost makes me feel like I have created nail art :) . Here's my latest.

The accent nail was supposed to be covered in the pastel studs but I started to get slightly frustrated so I kept it simple.

I start to believe photo spamming is the way to go for this blog, so please click on the page break for more photos and materials used. :)

I started with three thin coats of essence in That's What I Mint on my index finger and pinky, then applied three thin coats of China Glaze in Sweet Hook on the thumb and middle finger and finished with two coats of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in White On on the leftover finger. I let all dry for a couple of hours because I didn't want to have dents when I started playing around with the studs. It's happened before and I'm glad I learnt from the experience. 

After about 10 minutes, I decided to keep it simple and stick the opposite colour stud in each nail with clear polish and create a taped gradient with the purple and green polishes on the ring finger. Topped it all off by scraping the bottom of the bottle of Seche Vite. 

The gradient wasn't as graded as I expected but I like the sponged on effect the nail had over the white. 

What do you guys think? I know I could have put more studs since this post is supposed to feature the nail studs but my frugal self couldn't cope with using too many. If I were to use 10 per mani, there would only be enough for 40!!! OK, at the rate I post manis in here, it'd be justified. I promise to be so stingy next time. :)

Just in case you haven't gone to the link above, this is what the wheel looks like. It's about 5 cm in diameter, which may seem little but there are 400 pieces in it. This studs are also supposed to glow under black light but I don't have the equipment to put that to the test. 

400pcs 2mm Round Square Fluorescent Lighter Colors Stud Rhinestones Nail Art Decoration w/box
Click on the picture above to take you to the website.

This little wheel is great for those who can't decide what to get, are frugal like me or are looking for a subtle pop of colour on their nails. 

Have you tried any of the new studs from Born Pretty Store? Have you got a favourite product from their shop?

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  1. stunning!! love the colour combo and use of the studs. I feel inspired to get my studs out now!

    1. Thanks! It'd been a while since I got to play with studs and I almost forgot how much fun they are to play with!


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