Friday, 13 September 2013

Born Pretty Store Special Texture Polish in #10

Have you ever thought you had bought a particular product only to find out you actually ordered something else? A few weeks ago, I thought I ordered a textured polish from Born Pretty Store that looked similar to OPI's Stay the Night but when I got my package I got this muddy looking polish. I was outraged!!! How could they mix up my colours?!!! When I checked what I had actually paid for, I realised the fault was mine because I ordered a different colour... So I had to make do and try it on.

Born Pretty Store has come out with a line of 12 different coloured textured polishes, which are numbered instead of named, and contain 15 ml for $3.99 on special or $5.59 otherwise. You can find them here.  The one I got is #10, a goldy, olive shimmer base with dark, almost black, texture particles (you can tell I'm really trying here). This is one coat over PVA base.

The formula for this polish was very thick and when I say thick, it was almost gloopy. The polish hung on to the brush like grim death until I took some off by swiping the brush on side of the bottle. Funnily enough, when it came to applying it on the nail, the formula worked great, the polish stayed where I put it and it was opaque in one coat. It was still thick when wet but once it dried, which didn't take long at all, it looked fine and the texture really come out. The wear was OK, it chipped within two days but for someone that changes her polish almost daily, it wasn't a problem.

I've seen mixed reviews about these polishes but from this experience I can tell you they are worth every cent. I'm sure this will get thicker as time goes by but I'm pretty sure a little thinner can solve that issue. 

Just a quick note about clean-up. Even though the formula spread well, I may have painted my ring finger cuticle and when it came down to trying to remove it with acetone, it was a little difficult. Hence the uneven line on that nail.

If it wasn't for the colour, which doesn't suit my skin in the slightest by making look extra yellow, I would raving about this polish. However, there are other 11 colours I can try and for $3.99, I might get a few more. I've got my eye on you #15.

Remember, you can use the code below to get 10% off on full priced products from Born Pretty Store.

Til next time, 


Disclosure:This product was purchased by me


  1. wow i didnt even notice the unevenness until i kept reading cus its still so perfect! Love the color xo

    1. Thanks! I'm not yet sold on the colour but the polish is very appealing, especially for that price.


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