Wednesday, 25 September 2013

33 Day Challenge: Most Used Colour Polish

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After some clarification of this prompt, there was no doubt that a red  was gonna be the feature of this post. Before I started blogging, I mostly only wore red and I would get different brands with different finishes to satisfy my cravings for all things carmine. Then one day, when I was holidaying in Melbourne, I came across this tiny little shop (which no longer stands, I almost broke in tears when I found out) for the Australian brand Bloom Cosmetics. They had all their 80-ish colours of nail polish displayed and I was in polish heaven. Being the red lover I was, I picked out Edie, a slighlty-blue red with a buttery formula. It was the perfect red for me and it was sort of like finding the perfect red lipstick but for my nails...  That was in June 2011 and for about eight months after that, I wore it pretty much non-stop. 

Unfortunately, the formula hasn't hold up very well  and it has gotten thick and unmanageable. I added about 20 drops of thinner and the formula was just good enough to paint my nails without having to drag it on the nail bed. At least, I only needed one coat for full coverage. :) Swatch above is done with one coat of Eddie and two coats of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri topcoat. 

So this is a challenge, right? A simple swatch wasn't going to do but I managed to get stuck with what to do next as I usually wear red by itself. I took out some studs and caviar beads I got from eBay a while ago and had been sitting in my drawer for a while. I put on the caviar beads one by one on my ring finger and pressed them down with my fingers to dint the second coat of topcoat. They seemed to hold on quite well for a little while and it was a lot easier than trying to pick them up with a dotting tool and clear polish. I then attached the studs to the rest of my nails with some clear polish. 

As you may have noticed, the polish bubbled up like crazy once it dried. I can imagine this happened because of how thick the coat I applied on the nail was. I'm not sure if i'll keep adding thinner to see if it'll get better or just let it go. I still love this colour. I'm just disappointed that I didn't take better care of this baby! The worst part... This shade is no longer on sale...

Even though Eddie might be unusable now, I'm happy with the design and the fact that I'm trying new things that I wouldn't have otherwise. I was almost going to do a safe-for-me tape mani until I realised that's the next prompt. 

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  1. thats very pretty, love the polish color just like red leather ! and studs woooo! :)

    1. Thanks! I realised it had a leather jacket look to it when I was done. Not a bad accident!

  2. I love this color and the pattern is beautiful

    1. It's a good staple colour to have. Everyone should have a good red!


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