Sunday, 19 May 2013

Sally Hansen Lustre Shine in Lava *Photo Spam*

Sally Hansen has recently released their Lustre Shine Nails Colours collection into our shores. Sally Hansen describes these polishes as  'intense radiant nail lacquers infused with real silver inspired by the lustrous colour flip of molten, liquid metal and iridescence of a peacock feather'. There are 7 duochrome mesh shades and 1 opalescent white polish, all which are available in Priceline.

No, I could not resist buying Lava but I could resist buying the rest as duochromes very rarely float my boat. The best bit about it was the price. Priceline is having a half-price sale on all Sally Hansen products and this beauty came up to a total of $5 for 10 ml. 

Anyway, Lava is a beautiful reddish rose gold and yellow copper duochrome mesh polish. I applied three thin coats and no top coat.

The formula was pretty average. I had to use three thin coats to get an even coverage and each coat took a while to dry. Having crooked fingers didn't help and I managed to smudge my pinky and dint my index finger on the corner. I also found it hard to wrap the tips and it looks like I have tip wear in a freshly done mani.  

Apart from formula issues, I really love the combination of colours. Isn't pretty? It goes from that deep yellow, coppery colour to...

... Gold rose, strongly leaning towards a mauve pink. 

Here you can see the duochrome effect.

I'm spamming you with photos because I love this polish. That and I had the opportunity to use my light box with sunlight. It made everything look softer and the colours not as grey as they would otherwise.


... Pink.

Close up. I'm in love.

One last time, gold...

... Duochrome...

... Pink.

I noticed this polish look darker in the sun but it had a pretty sparkle.

Back in the box. 

Before the Blogger app in my phone decided to delete half my post after fixing ONE word, I had a really witty rhyme for this polish right about here.

 Hahaha! I wish I was witty with my writing. I guess you can give me the benefit of the doubt with this one... :)

Have you guys tried any of the Lustre Shine polishes? Are there any duochromes that rock your world? Let me know. I really like hearing what you think, so leave us a comment.

Till next time, 


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