Friday, 3 May 2013

Do You Wanna See My Peacock?

I've had an exam and handed in assignment in the last three days, I think I need some down time. Really, what better way to do it than by painting my digits with my new polishes?

I thought of doing swatches according to how much I liked them but the other three have holo glitter/flakies. Unfortunately, every time I tried to take a photo the sun would hide behind a cloud and the holo goodness wouldn't show.

That left me with Peacock by piCture pOlish, a beautiful dark purple jelly with tiny green hexagonal glitter and silver rectangular glitter. According to the piCture pOlish website, there is blue hexagonal glitter in there but I can't see it. Maybe it's hiding behind the purple jelly. Peacock shown with three coats for opacity and no top coat (still waiting on that Seche Vite!!!).

A closeup of all the glitter goodness.

 A few more for fun.

If you've seen other swatches (who hasn't?) or own the polish, you may notice the photos above a little overexposed. I really wanted to show the colour of the jelly as it isn't overly noticeable in real life. Either way this polish had buttery formula but after three coats it got a little thick on the nail. It also dried fairly smooth for such a dense glitter, which wouldn't bother me anyway but it's something to note.

This is such a pretty polish and the first time I saw it in Pshiiit, I fell in love straight away. When I got the polish earlier this week and saw the bottle, I was a little confused as I thought there was purple glitter in it.I still love and I'm very glad I FINALLY have it in my collection but it turned out to be something different to what I expected.

Have you ever had a massive lemming and turned out to be different when you finally got it?

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