Friday, 24 May 2013

Nails Inc Docklands

Super quick post that only includes one photo. There's been a lot of failed attempts at nail art this week and I really wanted to post something. Enjoy.

Last year, I went crazy at a Black Friday sale, which was actually hosted by a UK site*, and managed to snap up a heap of Nails Inc polishes for really cheap, including a pack of fifteen 4-ml bottles for about $30. Not a bad price for the brand and, considering I have never seen the bottom of a bottle, I figured it was justified getting a heap of little bottles rather than 4-5 big ones. 

After reading a few blogs, I was feeling rather proud that I didn't have any untrieds as I tend to put new polishes on as soon as I get them home, even if it's just one finger. Well turns out I was wrong. Looking up towards my rack, I realised I hadn't tried a few of the mini polishes I'd gotten from the above mentioned sale. I took one of the unopened bottles at random and came out with this little beauty, Nails Inc in Docklands. Swatched with two coats and no top coat.

Docklands is a leaning-towards-orange red jelly, which has a pretty amazing formula. I've never been disappointed with Nails Inc product (unless they came free with magazines, I've learnt my lesson -_-). I didn't even realise this was a jelly until the second coat dried up. I applied a first thin coat that turned out very sheer but other polishes from the pack had the same issue. My other red jelly, essence Snow White, is a lot thicker so I assumed all jellies were that thick. Pleasantly surprised it was thinner, very manageable and still had the same amount of shine. I guess that's why Nails Inc has the reputation that it does.

At the moment, I wouldn't know where to get Nails Inc polishes in Australia, apart from Adore Beauty. Considering their prices can go from $19.95 a bottle for 10 ml, I might have to skip this site. Googling for Australian stockists, I found a number to call, however, it seems to be disconnected and not at all useful. If anyone knows a place or site where Nails Inc can be purchased for reasonable *cough* less than $15/bottle including shipping *cough* price, please leave me a comment. I'd really like to know.

That's all for me ladies. Have a good weekend and 

Till next time, 


*As you may be aware, UK's Royal Mail changed to a stricter Dangerous Goods shipping policies, which means a lot of the UK sites no longer ship internationally. You can still check out Beauty Bay for other awesomely priced makeup products. What a shame, though. I can't feed my greed for English nail polish! 

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