Thursday, 17 October 2013

Versatile Blogger Award

Woot! Woot! I've received two nominations for The Versatile Blogger award by Natalia from The Polished Polyglot and Brethil of Druid Nails. Thank you so much ladies!!!

The Rules:
  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Include a link to their blog.
  3. Select 15 new blogs/bloggers that you've recently discovered or follow regularly.
  4. Nominate those bloggers for a Versatile Blogger Award, leave a link to their page and let them know they've been nominated.
  5. Tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.
The hard part for me is coming up with things to tell about myself so I'm gonna borrow Natalia's idea of idea of putting a theme to each fact.

Past: I studied Japanese for four years in high school and I got to a point where I was starting to understand Jap movies on TV. I wish I had stick to it so I could speak three languages today. 

Never Done: Skydived. Very unlikely to ever do it even for a million dollars. Actually if someone offered me a million bucks, I'd considered it.

Favourite: I love salt and vinegar chips and double coated Tim Tams. I could eat whole packets of each in one sitting and not feel sick. It takes a lot of willpower to not do it every weekend when I go to work at the supermarket!

Shame: I listen to cheesy Mexican 80's and 90's pop constantly. It's my daily guilty pleasure.

Cool: A few years back, I was on the top 20 fastest checkout chicks in one of two supermarkets chains in Australia. I've lost my touch now...

Personality: I have a very calm nature. It can be a good thing in most situations as I don't stress easily but it can also leave me doing assignments or arriving places at the last minute.  

Dreams: I love bush walking and would love do work as a park ranger in heap of places in the world but it doesn't pay enough. Next best thing would be to walk the all starting with the Inca Trail, Appalachian trail and Walls of Jerusalem. This is my time to dream!

Now the fun bit. I love looking for new blogs all the time so it wasn't too much of a problem coming up with a list of 15 (it's actually 16, hence the doing points, not numbers... Shhh.) blogs to nominate. I tried to make sure they hadn't received this award yet so the love could be shared with as many people as possible.
Hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I have. 

Till next time, 



  1. Thank you so much for the nomination! =)

  2. thanks for nominating me dear ! loved to read about you, u r blessed to have calm nature i m so impatient :p

  3. Replied to your comment on my post, but thought I'd post here too in case you didn't see (:

    Thanks for the nomination ^^ But unfortunately I'm swamped at the moment with other posts, though once everything clears out I'll look at trying to do this (:

    And I love the fun fact about japanese. What I would give to be able to watch japanese shows without subtitles!! haha

  4. Sorry for being soo late, I make sure to do a post and thank you for the nomination! :)


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