Friday, 11 October 2013

33 Day Challenge: Indian

I had all these wonderful ideas for today's challenge prompt but none of the great ones turned out great or made it to the nails. I chose to interpret Indian as 'from India' and considering how rich the culture is, I had no problem coming up with ideas (after a bit of Googling). There was going to be tigers but that didn't work, I moved on to flowers then jewelry but I had to settle for a fabric pattern I found on Pinterest. It turned out better when I close the browser before saving the pin and I had no way of showing you. Anyway, this is my interpretation of Indian. 

I started with two coats of CoverGirl's Wine To Five and BADLY free handed some gold reeds with A Piece Of Forever from Essence. To stick the studs, I applied a coat of Ulta3 in Clear but as I mentioned before, this dries up way too quickly and I have to keep applying coat upon coat. I had a look at my very small stash of topcoats and saw my nail foil glue. I figured it would work for the smaller studs as it would stay sticky for a while anthe adhesive was strong enough. Oh goodness! Why didn't I think of this earlier? I applied all the studs on my middle finger without having to reapply the glue. When I was done, I applied a top coat to seal all the studs in and get rid of any stickiness that was still lingering around.

I liked the way it looked without top coat better but I managed to get some fluff stuck on the glue on my ring finger. You can see below. At least I learnt to work continuously when I'm working with it. I applied one coat of Seche Vite on all my fingers.

I'm not in love with the design from up close, it's a bit crooked and the little round studs bled their colour when I applied top coat but I discovered another use for nail foil glue in nail art. Oh! And the need to keep practicing my free handing skills.

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  1. WOW. these look GREAT! I think adding the beads kicked it up a notch. Great job!

    1. Thanks! Funny how something so simple and little can change a mani so much.

  2. This turne out great! Loved the little beads going around the studs and I think you nailed the indian feel :P

    1. I'm so glad for Pinterest and its (sort of) eternal sources of inspiration, in this case the fabric patterns that inspired this mani.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! I'm so glad you guys didn't focus on my free handing skills but looked at the studs instead. :)

  4. Hi Laura! I love your vision on Indian prompt and I think you executed the nail art perfectly. The final result is really gorgeous. I've chosen your blog for the "Versatile blogger award" as I believe you're very talented!

  5. I have also nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award! Please check: :)


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