Monday, 7 October 2013

33 Day Challenge: Art With Oldest Untried

Are you ready for some bad nail art, dodgy lines, topcoat shrinkage and colour inaccurate pictures? if you're not, you may wanna stop there. 

It's day seven of the 33 Day Challenge, which called out for art with your oldest untried and I may have struggled a bit with it because:
  1. I smugly thought I didn't have untrieds, but oh boy! I was wrong.
  2. I'm pressed for time.
  3. The post I had originally prepared didn't work for some reason or another.
  4. The formulas of my oldest untrieds was pretty bad.
  5. I had no inspiration at such short notice. 

I have this habit of trying on polishes as soon as I get them to test them out and relish on the fact that I have new pretties. That's why I thought I had no untrieds until I went through my stash and discovered three of the 5 ml Essence polishes that I had no recollection of wearing. I know they are my oldest because I went through a period some time in the middle of last year where I bought a heap of Essence polishes because I was amazed at their price. 

However, when I put on C'est Le Vie!, the peachy orange creme, I remembered why they had been sitting in my rack for so long untouched. I had tried them but the formula for C'est Le VIe! was pretty thin and took four thins coats to reach full opacity and even with a coat of Seche Vite, it took forever to dry. I even dented my middle finger but managed to patch it up. I soldiered on an decided to do a tape mani with Let's Get Lost, a blue creme that sometimes looks teal, and Break Trough, a purple creme. The formula for these two polishes is thicker but it drags and it can pool on the nail. 

I topped it all off with a coat of Seche Vite, which made it all smooth and kinda looked better until I got massive shrinkage from it on my index and middle fingers.

Closeup of the nail, I though looked good. My cuticles might be telling me otherwise.

At the end of the day, this is still wearable and it looks good from a distance. Go check out the other ladies' manicures. There are some good ones there and you may even forget about the bad experience you just had.

I'm hoping chevrons turn out better. 

Till next time, 



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    1. Thanks! They seemed to go well together and I didn't even try. Score!


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