Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Sally Hansen Fuzz-Sea: The Feathered Dupe

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Last year, I discovered the beauty of Nails Inc through Beauty Bay and I managed to snap a few bottles before UK postal regulations changed and polish could no longer be dispatched from this seller. I mentioned previously that Nails Inc can be hard to find where I live and when I find it's $20 + postage. When Nails Came out with their Feather Effects line, I knew I wanted to get Brighton. I searched high and low and but even eBay gave me no opportunity to buy it so I left that in the too-hard-too-get lemming basket. 

To my wonder and surprise, other brands started coming out with dupes for this line and it was just a matter of time before they hit Australian shores. The brand that I saw and that was accessible enough was Sally Hansen with their Fuzzy Coat Collection. I know I'm late to the party since this came out over two months ago but I was low on nail polish funds and I couldn't find it at a special price. This is one is Fuzz-Sea, btw.

I can't find a description on the Sally Hansen website, so you'll have get mine. Fuzz-Sea is made up of teal-aqua and pastel yellow satin bar glitters suspended in a clear base. From what I've read in the blogsphere, this is supposed to be a textured polish. The formula is a bit thick but that's expected of glitter polishes that are so jammed packed. 

The lowdown: Formula is OK for a glitter but it has good drying time. It takes three coats to get almost full coverage, but due to foreseen circumstances (work), I didn't have time to take photos of it. It can also be layered for a fuller look. I decided to layer it over similar colours to the polish and each base made its opposite pop. Index and middle fingers have four coats of Nubar in Lemon and ring finger and pinky have three coats of Rimmel's 60 Seconds in Sky High as a base, which I then topped off with two coats of Fuzz-Sea and one of Seche Vite to smooth out the slightly gritty finish. 

This polish had a different application to what you'd expect from a glitter. First coat needs to be dabbed on but the subsequent coats can be applied normally as there and uneven surface for the glitter to get stuck on. Isn't it usually just dabbing or just spreading? With this polish, you get both experiences. 

This is a longish post, so click on the page break for more.

It was a bit hard to clean up the edges as the glitter started hiding from my brush. Glitter got stuck in my cuticles and it was really hard to get it out without ripping them out :) There was also be some glitter sticking out on the free edge and I didn't push it back while it was still wet. :( It's bugging me...

As I said before, the base colour can change what colour pops out and which one looks more subtle. I wasn't completely satisfied with the way it looked so I did a gradient on my thumb before applying two coats of Fuzz-Sea and one of Seche Vite.  

I really liked the way it looked over the gradient but after four coats of Lemon and the gradient layer, it was a lot of work to show this polish. 

This is what it looks like with three coats by itself. Yes, I only painted one nail.

I could get really worked up on the amount of work this polish was to put on to show but I'm gonna take a step back and remember that:

1. Polish is meant to be fun.
2. Polish can be wearable without having to be perfect at a macro photo level.
3. Fuzz-Sea killed a lemming of mine at a price point of $7.95.

After remembering that, I am happy that I got Fuzz-Sea but I don't think I'll get other colours yet from the Fuzzy Coat range  because I have run out of room in my polish rack. May be Peach Fuzz can be in my list...

Have you tried any of the Fuzzy Coat/Feather Effects nail polishes? Have you killed any lemmings with a cheap dupe?

Till next time, 


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