Thursday, 8 August 2013

Chanel Le Vernis 583 Taboo

Purple shimmers rock my world. If I ever were to choose only one colour of polish to wear for the rest of my life, a purple shimmer  would be my choice.

When walking past the Chanel counter at Myer a few months ago, a bottle of the most amazing looking purple shimmer caught my eye. It was deep, it had all different shimmer tonalities and hues, it was limited edition... and it was $39.  I walked away without giving it much thought and decided then and there that I wasn't even gonna let it turn into a lemming. Why lust after something you can't have? 

That thought didn't last long and I changed my mind about when Tasha gifted me Provocation  and she mentioned Taboo would be part of the core range for Chanel and no longer limited edition. Then I went shopping for a birthday present for my mum and HAD to go into the Chanel store when I saw the shimmery purple polish flashing its beautiful colours at me. I couldn't resist it and as far as I know no other shops, including Myer and David Jones, didn't have any in stock at the time of purchase, so I bought it just in case.  

So here it is my bottle of Taboo. It contains gold, blue, purple and red shimmers suspended in a very opaque reddish purple base. It looks like galaxy nails in a bottle.

This was a dream to apply and was almost a one-coater, I'm sure careful application and a medium coat would be sufficient if you want a quick mani. Photos below show two thin coats with one coat of Seche Vite that really brought out all the sparkle in this polish. 

Direct sunlight
Indirect sunlight

I'm about to photo spam you, if you're ready click on the page break for lots more.

Sunlight pictures really brought out the shimmer in this polish and make it look amazing.

Bottle shot just so you can see what I mean by galaxy nails in a bottle. 

This polish was distracting and I couldn't stop looking at it when the sunlight hit it.

Photos below were taken in my light box with natural light. I wanted to show how the shimmer is not quite as noticeable on the nail as it is on the bottle in lower light situations. 

The polish in the bottle still looks amazing and lighter but unfortunately it doesn't translate fully to the nail. I mean, the formula applies so easily, the shimmer on the nail is too evenly spread out and doesn't give it as much depth as what's in the bottle. What a first world problem...

I had to come out to the sun and take a few more photos. Isn't pretty?

As far as I know and according to the US Chanel website, Taboo is now part of the core range for Chanel polishes. I'm not exactly sure what that means for Australia but here's hoping that is here to stay. Not every Chanel counter may have it but note that I found it at the Chanel Makeup store in Brisbane's CBD. To find your closest Chanel make up store, you can visit their website.

What's your take in luxury brand polishes? Are they worth it or would you rather spend your money otherwise? Let me know.

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  1. OOOOH I love this! It looks like a more refined cousin to Butter London's The Black Knight. Gorgeous! I also jealous of your amazing nail shape, my nail bed is so small :(

    Love from

    1. Thanks! I actually had Black Knight as a lemming for a while so I'm happy to hear I've got a similar polish. As for the nail beds, this is the shortest I've had them for a while and I am too lusting after longer nails!

  2. Yes I forked out the $39 for this too but no regrets, I love it!! I thought it would become like Peridot and be so highly sought after that a bottle of it could be sold for big bucks, so I nearly bought two! Cool that it's going into the core range.

    1. Taboo behaves like a $39 polish so there's no regrets from my end either!


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