Thursday, 29 August 2013

My First Indie: Sayuri #116

Why I never bought indie polishes is beyond me. I have seen and drooled over hundreds of swatches, they can be found locally and at a good price, the support nail polish lovers and they are amazing. I think I was too comfortable with the brands and shops I knew. 

However, it all changed last Friday I had the opportunity to get three bottles form Sayuri Lacquers from a market in the city. I've seen photos of these polishes but didn't realise how amazing they looked in real life and what grea formulas they had. I know I'm not doing any justice to the polish with these photos because: 1. They are colour inaccurate (the polish leans more towards green), and 2. I couldn't photograph the depth this particular polish had very well.

I used three coats of #116 from the Gotta Catch 'Em All Collection, which is no longer in sale, and a coat of Seche Vite. I actually preferred two coats by themselves but I kept running my thumb on my fingers to feel the slight texture it had but too much rubbing made some of the glitters come off.   

 This post has mostly photos so click on the page break for more. :)

The thumb is the only one that I left with two coats and no topcoat and I really like it. I just can't stop myself from rubbing the polish when it was dry. Polish has to be either super smooth or slightly textured for me to enjoy it.

This polish was dreamy to apply and wear. I love combination of colours and translucence of the base that make up this little gem. As I mentioned before, #116 is no longer on sale but there are heap of other good looking polishes on Sayuri Lacquers's site. I'll have to show you the other two I bought soon. 

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  1. Awww...this is so cute! Love the color. I would love to try this one out. It would be perfect for everyday wear.


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