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Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Cuticle Eraser + Balm

When it comes to nail polishing, I've had some ideas very ingrained in my head that I didn't change until I started blogging. For example, I only ever applied two coats of polish, no matter how sheer or opaque it was as I thought that was the rule. When it came to my cuticles, I always pushed them back with a orange stick after a shower. I read that tip in the magazine that started my love for nail art and I have been doing it almost religiously for a few years. That is until today...

I have heard of cuticle removal creams and treatments quite a bit on the blogsphere but have been giving them a miss since I thought my routine was good enough. My adventurous side saw me buying some orange cuticle last year when Terry White had China Glaze treatments for less than $10... and less than a week. I used the oil when pushing back my cuticles and seemed to work OK. This wet and very cold winter has left my cuticles quite dry and the oil just wasn't cutting it anymore.

My budget is quite small and I couldn't justify buying Butter London's Melt Away, which I've heard is one of the most effective cuticle treatments out there. I knew Sally Hansen had a treatment even though I hadn't heard much about it. I went into Priceline today not looking for anything in particular and when I saw the 20% off promotion they had happening for the Sally Hansen range, I figured paying almost $12 for the Sally Hansen treatment was better than $25 for a Butter London product that I thought wouldn't make a big difference to my current routine.

So here it is: Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Cuticle Eraser + Balm. It claims to "remove dry cuticles and moisturize in 1 step". The white tea and cucumber formula loosens and exfoliates stubborn, overgrown cuticles and leaves the skin deeply moisturised.

The instructions are simple, massage the cream into your cuticles until absorbed and use a cuticle pusher, if needed. It is also recommended to use the cream daily for maximum benefits and to wash your hands before applying polish.

The cream feels like a very thick and rich moisturiser but it's not greasy or heavy. It is also slightly scented but the smell doesn't linger for too long. I'm guessing it's supposed to smell like white tea and cucumber but when I smelled it it reminded me of fruity cream and my mum thought it smelt like caramel or those red and white swirly lollies. 

I was skeptical. I really didn't think this cream would "eat" the cuticles away and I thought it would just work as a rich moisturiser. I chose to apply it on my right hand to test it out as it is my dominant hand and it doesn't get as much loving as my left one. I have particular dry spots on the side cuticles on my pointer and middle fingers. Here's my right hand, not looking terrible but feeling very dry.

I applied a very small dab in each finger and started rubbing it in.

After about two minutes, the cream wouldn't absorb into the skin anymore and I took this as a cue to bring out the orange stick to push back those cuticles.

This was the end result. 

I know there's not a lot of difference on the photos but I could see it and feel it, especially when pushing back the cuticles, I felt the cuticles slipping off the nail bed and the ones that had always been stubborn moved back without too much trouble. My cuticles also felt super moisturised and those pesky, little dry spots on the sides of my nails were hydrated, something that I have rarely experienced.

For a dramatic demonstration, I took my nails polish off my left hand with acetone which left my finger like this. Take note of the paper cut at the top of the photo and the dry spot on the bottom where the nail meets the skin.

Before the SH Cuticle Eraser
See the difference?  
After SH Cuticle Cream

I never thought I would be able get rid off that dry spot that lingers on my skin when I have short nails. And that paper cut? almost unnoticeable. Then again, I have nothing to compare this cream to but I'm absolutely blown away by the results. In my experience and for my hands, this is a cuticle saver and I am in love.

I washed my hands after using it to paint my nails and I found that even after using soap, my cuticles were still soft and supple. 

I also noticed the difference tidy cuticles can make to a mani, which give it a very polished look (see what I did there?). Sally Hansen Cuticle Eraser + Balm has become an instant favourite.

Have you tried cuticle remover treatments? Do you have any favourites? Do you have other ways of removing them?

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    1. For the price and quality, I don't think I'll be using any other cuticle moisturiser soon!


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