Thursday, 25 July 2013

Gradient Glitter Sandwich Accent

I didn't really want to put another pink post up but I have to tell you this is my third attempt at nail art today and I was getting a little frustrated. I grabbed the closest one coater and went from there as I really wanted to post something today. 

I started with Leighton Denny, a UK brand, in SO L.A. and applied one medium coat and left it without top coat as it was shiny enough without it. For the accent, I dabbed a coat of Sportgirl's Nail It! in Atlantis and created a gradient with OPI's Yodel Me on My Cell and An Affair In Red Square. I only sealed the accent with Seche Vite.


The gradient was quite sheer but it let the glitter colours pop a little more than expected.

I know, I know. The gradient wasn't great and the glitter coat created a lump on the side  of my nail. Like most of my nail art, it looks better from afar. :)

In my last post I mentioned the colour of What'Up could be very easy to find and I think I may just have prove the point.

To my defence, So L.A. came in a 8 bottle pack where I couldn't choose the colours. So What'Up is still totally justified. 


I'll leave you with that. I promise I'll have something better in the next post.

Till next time, 


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