Monday, 29 October 2012

Are you ready for another one?

This is the mani I did today. Going to keep this blurb short and simple and show you what I've done straight up.

As a base I used one of the new essence bottles called Boho Chic. It's a beautiful peachy base with gold flakies. To tell you the truth it doesn't look that awesome in the bottle but the main reason I got is because I saw it in Oooh, Shinies! and this girl can make anything look good. I even added the matte top coat to make it look like hers. I also added the fan from BM-204 stamping plate with Maybelline Wet Shine in Succulent. I've had this polish for about six years and it does a pretty good job at stamping. Then again, I don't think they're sold anymore!!!

To seal in the stamp I used Sally Hansen Insta-Dri for the first time and I can tell you it blew my mind on how quickly it dries. However, the gold flakies made the manicure look kinda dirty, so I then followed the steps of Oooh, Shinies!. Have a look.

It looks waaaaaaaaay better matte. What do you reckon? Shiny? Matte? Let me know.

Until next time, 


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