Monday, 29 October 2012

I'm in a blogging mood...

Two posts in one day? Yes, that's right. Laura is in a blogging mood. And also feels like she needs to do something with her day. So here we go.

A little while ago, I went to Mecca Maxima in the city and the lady that was serving me showed me this beautiful, sunny yellow by Nars but the $32 price tag put me off buying it. When I tried it in-store, the polish had an amazing formula and wasn't too streaky as yellows can be but it wasn't enough to justify it.

So I went looking for another yellow and I came across the discounted bin at Target and found Monte Carlo by B Collection by Bloom for only $5!!! It was a steal and I've had pretty good experiences with this brand. 

I also happened to get two Bundle Monster Nail Stamping Plate Sets and was itching to try them. I applied two coats of Monte Carlo and let them dry. They were fairly thick coats and took a little while to dry but I had patience that day. Generally, I like wearing really bright colours and their boldness doesn't bother me, but I'm glad I decided to stamp over this because it was B R I G H T. 

I have noooooo idea what colours go well together so I jumped on Google and checked out a colour wheel to see what would look with the yellow. According to my understanding of the colour wheel, a purple would look good (Colour theory? Laura has no idea). I grabbed an old SugarBaby in You Rock, I don't even know if they sell them anymore but it's in my stash and I might as well use it. I stamped very sheer and it looked more maroon than purple but I really like the effect it created. I used BM-204 plate for the stamping image and use OPI RapiDry Top Coat. 

I only took one good photo of the mani  but it does it enough justice, I hope.

Till next time.


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