Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Essence Blue Addicted

Oh, the world of dupes! Lower priced bottles of polish that as look as AMAZING as what you are supposed to, how I love thee!

I acquired my little bottle of Essence Blue Addicted a few months ago. The was no real reason for the purchase, other than the blue and green hexagonal glitter suspended in a dark blue jelly and further mixed with royal blue glitter (descriptive enough?) absolutely blew my mind. And for $3.55, I couldn't go wrong.

When I got it home, it was left on display so I could admire its beauty but I didn't actually use it. Through all my blog stalking, I found  this little shade was actually a dupe for Across The Universe by Deborah Lippmann. I'm not one to stalk brands and pay ridiculous prices just because a brand has come up with something new. If I love the colour, I will buy it. Cheap or not-too-expensive, I'm there. 

However, after I found this out, I was quite happy to know that I could fake a little luxury if I wanted to.

Swatch below was done with three coats of Blue Addicted and one coat of Essence XXXL Shine Gel-look Top Coat.

And a photo of the bottle, even though you know what it looks like.

That's all from me (What? No ranting from me today?). 

Until next time,

Happy polishing!!


  1. Great swatch. How do you get your pictures so clear? Teach me your ways!

  2. Well... This picture was a sort of fluke. Remember all those days of rain we had last week? I tried to swatch this with a lamp due to the lack of sun and adjust the necessary settings of the camera and a quick touch up on the computer. that didn't really work, so i went outside when it stopped raining for 3 secs and took a heap of photos under the cloudy sky with a flash. This was the result. As cloudy, winter days don't happen very often in Brisbane, Chalkboard Nails has a tutorial on what I did (http://tinyurl.com/786cqnc) but everyday and indoors!


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