Saturday, 7 July 2012

Nude Gradient Mani

I've finally got around to posting! Here's a gradient mani that I gave myself today. This blog has taught me that there's an art to photographing nail art and swatches, so please forgive the pictures.

Nude to lilac gradient. 

The gradient isn't obvious in this picture, but it's a great shot of the nude colour.

I went for a subtle nude effect, and I think that's what I got! I used Essence Nude Glam in Hazelnut Cream Pie as the base and sponged China Glaze Sweet Hook, a pretty pastel lilac, on the tips.

I've been buying lots of nail polish lately. I've been stocking up on Essence from my local Target, they're really cheap and the colours are awesome. They can be a little hard to work with, but for $2 a bottle, it's not really a big deal.

This week's haul. I bought a few more bottles of Essence after this picture was taken.

I also got some new make up brushes this week. I really love Nic and Sam Chapman from Pixiwoo, and I've been lusting after Sam's Real Techniques brushes for a while. I was super happy to learn that they are now stocked at Priceline, so I went and bought some. Australia is a great place to live, but the range of cosmetics here is nowhere near as good as in the US or Europe, and everything is twice the price (including the brushes, boohoo). Are you interested in a review of the brushes I bought? Let me know!

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  1. Yay for posting! I love the subtle colours of the gradient. It looks so pretty! Please review the brushes, I wanna see them!


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