Saturday, 2 June 2012

My First and Oh-Not-So-Fabulous Marble

Wow!! It's been almost a month since I wrote that first post. I think the blogger in me needs a little more discipline. Mind you, I could argue that I like to be informed about what I am doing and that the last month has been spent 'researching' other nail blogs, looking up for countless hours YouTube videos for inspiration and sussing out the market so this nail hobby is as least detrimental to my bank account as possible. 

So, to show some of my findings, I'll start with something that caught my attention in YouTube for two reasons.The first one being the endless possibilities that this technique can create and the thousand of tutorials found in said website. As you may have guessed from my title, I'll be showing my simple version of the marble.

Ta dah! Here it is. I started with my pinky and finished with my thumb, hence the different pattern in my smaller finger. I firstly tried to use Ulta3 polishes for the marble but the colours would not disperse! Not by shaking the cup, moving the polish with a toothpick or even, may I say? My finger. By the time I finished playing with it I ended with these colourful lines as a pattern and I thought I would give it a go anyway. If you look closely at the pinky it looks like an eye, a very colourful eye though, and that's why I decided to leave it.  

I wanted to keep trying and get the actual marble effect on my nails. From all those YouTube videos that I've watched, I gathered China Glaze and Sally Hansen are really good to try out in this technique. Not even OPI makes the cut, apparently. I was lucky enough to own one (just one) China Glaze in 108 degrees and one Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Red Carpet.They a both have very fine glitter but they are noticably different. Phew!

So the process started and went quite well from there. I even managed to create a pretty flower pattern without planning it! 

This was a messy process and most bloggers/creators recommend that you sticky tape the skin around your fingers to prevent polish sticking. However, a few others recommend using Vaseline around your nails for an easier, one-quick-wipe sort of clean up. I used the Vaseline as it was easy enough to spread on my fingers, gentler, more accurate and quicker. Once I was done with a toothpick in the water, I would remove the layer of the jelly on my finger and it worked wonders. I did forget to spread it past my distal phalanx (yes, I just Wikipedia-ed that name) on my ring finger, so i had to clean it up with acetone. 

So here it is, once more. I think I am proud of this creation.

I will try this technique again with different colours and patterns, possibly as a accent... Wait, can you hear that? I think YouTube is calling me for more inspiration.

Till then, happy polishing!

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