Monday, 7 May 2012

Kids by MGMT inspired nail art

This is one of my favourite music videos, ever. When MGMT first came out, I listened to their first album a lot. This music video was made by a film student with a couple of his friends and some Youtube clips, and has millions more views than the official Kids video. I love the make up and lighting in the video. It's not flashy or professional, but I think it fits really well with the song. 

I haven't watched it for a while but today, I was looking at some flakie nail polish and I realised that it reminded me of this video. So I decided to do an MGMT inspired mani, complete with nooby nail art.

Don't look too closely at my little Abby (left) and Rafael (right). 

I used BYS nail art lacquer in black and white for the faces on my thumbs (with a dash of red and pink for the lips), and Nicole by OPI No Limits as the base coat. Picture Polish Festival is the flakie overcoat I used, and I stuck a few chunks of a BYS gold hexagonal glitter over the top. It's hard to properly capture the effect because I don't have a decent camera, and have to take pictures with my phone camera.

Nicole by OPI No Limits, OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender, Picture Polish Festival, Essie Jelly Apple and BYS nail art lacquer.

No Limits is a deep, inky blue-black that reminds me of the night sky. The flakie over the top made it look like the twinkling lights in the video. I'm still learning how to do nail art but with practice, I'm getting better :)


  1. Hey,

    Been living without internet for the least give days and it's so bad!!! I'm itching to post again but been unable to...

    Just a quick question though, how's the wear for the picture polish brand? I've seen a lot of awesome colours in that brand and I'm tempted to buy some, but not unless they wear for say, thee days.

    Let me know. Thanks!


  2. Whoops! Didn't realise you'd commented. I've only got Festival so I can't speak for the other colours, but it's OK. Most nail polish only lasts a day or 2 on me before it starts to chip. I'd say its just as good as OPI or Essie. You should let me get you some picture polish for your birthday! Tell me which ones you like.

  3. Whoops! Didn't realise you'd commented either. All polishes are awesome. I found anything from Picture Polish is oh, so beautiful! I can't decide!!


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