Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The Neverending Pile Challenge: Most Expensive

I like to think I am quite thrifty when it comes nail polish buying but every so often I feel like splurging if there is something amazing that I can't get any dupes for cheaper. When I started blogging, I'd see swatches of holographic polishes and I'd just look at the my screen trying to keep my mouth closed. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any holos at the local Target so I had to go hunting for the only brand I knew had good holos and I knew where to get from. Yes, it took a plane, bus and tram round trip to get the $19.95 Layla Hologram Effect polish (I had other plans for this trip but I was utterly excited to go shopping for polish). Yes, I was unaware if the price when I gave it to the checkout lady and didn't want to seem like a cheapskate and put it back on the shelf before walking out. As awkward as that experience was for me, today I can be glad that Coral Glam is part of my stash. 

This wasn't an untried as such. I had put it on on a couple of fingers  before to marvel at the beauty of the holo but had never worn it as a full mani. And man! I forgot how pretty this was. It's subtle enough on the shade but once it comes out to the sun that flame is strong. 

By the way, I used a base coat for this ad three coats of  Coral Glam to reach opacity and cover up all the drag marks that I manage to get during application.

I'm not good at leaving nail polish alone so I added my first ever DIY nail decal with a three of unused polishes. I used Konad Special Nail Polish in Black for the outline and coloured in the flower from MoYou's Suki 04 plate with Revlon Parfumerie's African Tea Rose, Sunlit Grass and Apricot Nectar. I thought the green polish was an unused polished but turned out I had used Essence's The Green & the Grunge before. Once I applied and cleaned up around the decal, I topped the whole mani with one coat of HK Girl Top Coat.

I know the decal isn't the best but I'm happy with the way this turned out. And you know, one can always look at the holo instead of the decal. :)

I really like this polish and I am glad it has come out of the untried  stash considering all the effort that was required to get this little bottle.

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  1. I so remember when the only holos that were any good were the NuF-oh and the OPI early DS shades that were not distributed widely and had sold out ASAP - you could get the NuF-Ohs if you got lucky to find them before they sold out on line somewhere - but the DS ones were way up there in price line $50 for a few of them. I eventually did get them all and now seems silly because there are holos everywhere. We even had a top coat ChG made that was supposed to turn shades into holos that everyone wanted but rare to find and it didn't make things a true only unless you used it over a particular shade. Getting to the point others could make holos was pricy and often was a big fail - boy things sure changed over the past 3 yrs or so on this one! Now I have a bunch of RARE polishes that folks would think is nuts I so coveted them at one point -

  2. I remember my first Layla. I had yet to discover indies and had missed the Color Club and OPI holos before I started my stash. I think mine was $16, which I thought was outrageous, but I wanted that holo! Now they languish in my drawers :-(


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