Monday, 24 June 2013

Sally Hansen Lustre Shine Scarab

Dear Queensland winter, 

You are so mild that I can see the neighbours running around in their shorts and t-shirts playing water fights at midday. I don't know how you manage to do that to some people considering I haven't escaped my hoodie for longer than five minutes just in case you decided to blow some really cold wind. The short sunlight hours are a bit of  problem too. See I was hanging out with my nephew and sister this afternoon and when I was ready to take photos of my nails, the sun was gone!!! I had to resort to using my flash light which only gave me mildly-colour-accurate pictures.

I've been wearing Sally Hansen Lustre Shine in Scarab since midday and I am loving it. I'd describe it as a power blue/teal/gold shimmer duochrome on steroids.

I know I have not made justice to the polish with these pictures but I hope I can at least let all the lacqueristas out there know how awesome it is. Scarab is almost a coater but it needs two to really come to life, just like its cousin Copperhead, but it has the drying time of Lava, so a coat of Seche Vite was needed to speed up the process.

Unlike Copperhead, the blue, teal and gold shimmers one can see in the bottle translate to the nail. They are not terribly contrasting but you can see the colours change.

From blue...

To the goldish teal. There is some green in there but I couldn't quite capture it with the artificial light. 

I have another three teals in my collection but none as opaque or eye catching as this one.  I may have to add  a photo to this post tomorrow in the sun to show its true beauty. 

Now winter, the usual South East Queensland humidity is gone because you are here. My skin and cuticles are noticing and it seems that I'm finally learning to use cuticle oil more often but it's leaving my fingers too shiny for their photo sessions. I can't win. :(

I'm off to look at my nails for a little longer while I'm trying to fight you off with some warm soup and lots of tea under a blanket and a book. Hmm... Maybe you are not so bad after all.

Till next time, 


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