Monday, 3 February 2014

GOT Polish Challenge: Dots

It's almost time for the next prompt of the Golden Oldie Thursday Challenge but I figure since I had this mani done and photographed since Wednesday, I might as well post it. 

So here it is my GOT dots manicure. I brought out a heap of old polishes that I've been wanting to use together again and I'm fairly happy with the result. 

White base: Sally Hansen in White On
The following five are all Face Of Australia polishes from their Pastels collection, which came out in Nov 2012 and were all under $2 cheap :)
Light Blue:   Once in Once In A Blue Moon 
Purple:        Boys'N'Berries
Pink:           I'll Take You To The Candy Shop
Orange:       Would You Like Some Orange Sherbet?
Yellow:       Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Once I was done the dotticure and added a coat of Seche Vite, I felt my nails looked unfinished so I added one coat of OPI and I Juggle... Men, one of my first OPI's, and one coat of Rimmel Pro Matte Finish top coat. I bought both sometime in Sep/Oct 2012 but the one that I have used the most has been the Rimmel top coat. I have used it in a good amount of posts in this blog and it's the one that started my love for any polish that's satin/matte. So if I was to pick the top Golden Oldie polish of this post, this top coat would be it. I know, it's not a colour but it's a good polish.

I had some trouble photographing the pastel colours as they looked extra pale against the white so I had to colour tweak the photos a little bit. I tried to keep it colour accurate but get it to have a little more contrast and I managed to get my hands to look red (or should I say super tanned?) in the process. It's about the polish, right? Not my hands.

Till next time, 



  1. I love this manicure, and you have the most adorably shaped nails. They look perfect!!

    aka Bailey

    1. Thank you! I had some bad breaks so I had to round and shorten them all up. I'm glad I'm not the only one that likes them!!!

  2. I really like this manicure!
    The different colors of the dots look so great on your nails ;)

    Xx Julia

  3. Thanks! Rainbow nails in different shapes or forms are always great!

  4. OMG, i seriously LOVE this! the colours you used are beautiful its like a prefect rainbow!


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