Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Christmas Has Come Early For Me

Actually, I need to be honest about the early Christmas I'm about to show you and say it came a week ago when I went to see Tasha. The mailman came at the right time and Tasha gifted me this beautiful little Essie bottle last Tuesday.

I present to you my four-month-old lemming, Essie's Penny Talk from their Mirror Metallics Collection. The expression 'Woohoo!!!' cannot express the excitement I feel when I'm holding this beautiful shade of rose gold. Not trying to get too deep here, but this polish has stopped me looking at other polishes. It has completed my collection. I love it that much. I don't want any other. I would marry it if it was a person (am I showing my excitement yet?)

I'm gonna stop drooling over it and show you my swatches.

This polish is a bit strange. In some lights, it looks like a gold loaded with lots of fine silver shimmer, sometimes it shows beautiful rose gold shade. Even when Tasha opened her bottle we were both confused as to whether it was the right colour or not. It was, it just changes a bit depending on light.

Now onto the formula, it is streaky, voiding the mirror effect of the collection name.It also drags if you aren't quick enough with the application. Quick meaning a couple of seconds. In the swatch above I used two thick-ish coats where I applied too much polish and then removed the excess with the brush. They are still not perfect but they are the best I could do. I didn't add any top coat either. I wanna see how long it will last on my fingers.

I usually don't buy Essie bottles because of their Australian $18.95 price tag, delay-of-season availability and thin brushes but this colour is fairly unique at the moment. This collection reminds me a lot of colours used on in the late 90's, early 00's. I remember catching the bus to school when I was twelve and I saw this girl, she must have been a couple of years older than me, wearing bright blue metallic lipstick and matching nails. At the time, I thought she was the epitome of coolness. Fourteen years later, I'm still loving the metallics.

A little while back, Tasha asked me what my favourite polish was. I had a couple but I couldn't really just select one. Now, I would say Penny Talk is the favourite, hands down.

Could you pick one out of your collection to be named favourite? Have you had a long time lemming that you've recently satisfied?

Til next time, 


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  1. LOL...that's funny cuz I just got There's No Place Like Chrome two days ago and felt the same way LOL. I already have Blue Rhapsody and Good As Gold. The only other one I want is Nothing Else Metals. I already have a few coppery colored metallic polishes so I don't really need Penny Talk. Congrats on getting a lemming off of your list. Woohoo. lol


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